About Ascent Maldives

With Ascent Maldives ISO Certification is No Longer a Painful Process.



Ascent Maldives provides Gap Analysis, Documentation, Awareness trainings, Certification, Internal Auditing, and support services to help you improve processes by following strong principles, resources, and skills of our people to understand guidelines and conformities of the standards in plain and clear language so that it can be easier to implement.

In whichever location your organization is located, you can rely on our internationally skilled professional attitude and dedication of a team of experts to come up with specialized solutions and technique to provide you with the required improvements that can transform your organization need for compliance with standards.

Ascent is a one-step solution to your issues and queries. We work by stepping in your shoes and respecting your point of view and help to achieve the desired goal with the help of FFF (Find Fix and Finish) and PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) methodology.

We partner with you to offer independent services to respond to your problems and help you to identify and treat risk by framing your processes and policies to operate more sustainably to achieve your organizational objective. Our business processes are aligned with Technical System Requirements and Corporate Excellence, and hence, we do business with Business excellence with a customer-centric culture.

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