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HACCP Audit in Maldives | Ascent Maldives
HACCP Audit in Maldives and Male


Conduct HACCP Audit to acquire successful HACCP Certification in the Maldives.


HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement, and handling, to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of the finished product. This science-based methodology approach helps to control food pollution, and accordingly forestalls the odds of individuals becoming ill, hurt, or passing on because of food contamination.

HACCP Certification itself was conceived in the 1960s when the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) asked Pillsbury to design and manufacture the first foods for space flights.

Why Risk It?

The universe of Food Safety and consistency has made considerable progress in a couple of brief many years. As our ways of life have changed, so have our examples of food utilization. These progressions have modified how food is developed, produced and prepared, moved, and put away. 

Governments, Regulators, and Sectors of the business all have necessities that should be satisfied combined with the needs of the worldwide economy for organizations to stay competitive.

Accepting Your HACCP Compliance Certificate

HACCP became obligatory in various countries for governmentally enlisted for the safety and security of public health. The food agencies are encouraging the workforce to emphatically suggest any remaining organizations in the food inventory network to embrace the HACCP standard to the organization.

In case you are a food processor, producer, packaging plant, or offer a food cooking administration, getting a HACCP consistency testament is viewed as a decent business practice. Different organizations in your food chain or customer chain might require you have been authoritatively inspected for HACCP as part of your supplier arrangement. In the event that your business isn’t HACCP compliant, setting up a formally perceived food safety protocol isn’t simply acceptable sound judgment, it makes good business sense too.

HACCP Compliance Program

The Ascent ASSOCIATES incorporates an appraisal with the HACCP pre-essential programs, in addition to the 7 fundamental food safety principles:

  • Hazard Analysis Process 
  • Critical Control Points (CCPs)
  • Critical Limits (CLs)
  • Monitoring Plan Process 
  • Corrective Actions 
  • Verifications 
  • Documentation 

Set up essentials need to meet indicated necessities for the production or manufacturing premises and the equipment utilized in that, the capacity and transportation of items, the workforce associated with taking care of items, and the process for handling the recall. The executives’ frameworks should incorporate techniques for observing these components of the production cycle, just as the methodology for overseeing deviations, verification, and record keeping. 

Advantages of HACCP Certification

HACCP Certification gives numerous positive results to your business consistently: 

  • Confidence Both with people in public and stakeholders that you can convey a product or service in a protected and reliable way.
  • Effective Risk Management Regular reviews and audits permit you to recognize and alleviate hazards through ceaseless improvement and risk management strategies. This diminishes the likelihood or effect of food recalls and contamination.

  • Industry Acceptance and Recognition – Certification gives your image/organization market acknowledgment and more noteworthy freedom and openness within the industry to do business and even globally to expand your business.

Our audit review management incorporates

  • Providing an underlying Audit Plan for survey by the facility’s management team 
  • Opening meeting with the Top management to give an overview and basic knowledge about the outline of the HACCP audit process. 
  • Conducting the on-location audit review. 
  • Closing meeting with Top management to provide the executives to give an outline of the HACCP audit review results.
  • Conducting yearly Surveillance audits needed to keep up with your consistency status to comply with the standard requirement. 
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