ISI Marking Certification

Increase your product standard by achieving ISI Mark Certification in the Maldives for your products.

What is ISO ISI Marking Certification?

We have all heard of products with ISI Marking that are safe to use and trustworthy. ISI is the abbreviation of the Indian Standards Institute, is a body that got promulgate up when India gained Independence. This ISI standard came into action to create for orderly commercial growth and maintaining quality in industrial production.

By mid of 80’s the country socio-economic climate had changed, resulting in the need to build up a stronger body than Indian Standard Institute. The Bureau of Indian Standard came into action and took ISI standard and became BIS-ISI. But the term “ISI” continues to be used in the market to conform to the quality of the products set by the government.

The government made it mandatory for the electrical and Industrial products to ensure credibility to the genuine products and make people aware of the unsafe ones. ISI Mark is the most renowned mark to check the quality of the products that it claims to be. This mark guarantees that the products have gone through high-quality checks and follow regulations set by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Benefits of ISI Marking Certification

  1. Assurance of Quality
  2. Helps to increase the customer satisfaction
  3. Get your product to be replaced in case of any defects or errors
  4. Help in increasing the productivity
  5. Stand out in the queue from your competitors
  6. Increased market value and Creditability
  7. Open up markets globally
  8. Compliance with government laws
  9. Build Brand Image
  10. Increased market value and enjoy monetary gains

Why you need ISI Marking Certification?

The main purpose of ISI Marking Certification is to provide quality assurance of the products they manufacture. The ISI Certified products increase the confidence of the customers while purchasing the products. It is a standard that provides safeguard to health and safety.

Requirements of ISI Marking Certification

Before entering into the market a manufacturer need to comply certain requirements to its product to fulfill the compliance of ISI standard.

  • Conduct product testing to conform with guidelines of BIS and government
  • Identify an accurate ISI standard code for your product.
  • List down the raw materials used to develop the product.
  • Conduct and determine product Verification and self-evaluation reports of the product.
  • Establish test reports received from BIS-approved laboratories.
  • Address proof of the manufacturing unit.

BIS is supposed to check the veracity of the reports within a month and grant an ISI license

Which Organization needs ISI Marking Certification?

In the Maldives, many organizations manufacture their products to export them to India. To get entry into the Indian Market the organizations need their products to be ISI Certified. Products such as toys, handicrafts, boats, fishing boats are exported to India from the Maldives, which mandatorily require ISI marks on them.

ISI Marking Certication process in Maldives and Male

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of achieving ISI Marking Certification in the Maldives?

To apply for the ISI license, the company has to pay consultancy and Certification Charges depending on the complexity of the product.

Is ISI Marking Certification mandatory?

ISI Mark is mandatory for products listed below. Approximately 107 products are mandatory and require ISI Certification these are:

  • Cement
  • Automobile accessories
  • Medical equipment
  • Steel products
  • Oil pressure stoves
  • Foods and related products
  • Cylinders, valves, and regulators
  • Electrical transformers
  • Household electrical goods
How long does ISI Marking Certification valid for?

The ISI certification is valid for 2 years. It subsequently renewed on completion of 2 years and payment of the renewal fee.

How long it takes to acquire ISI Marking Certification Licence?

Approximately, it takes 6 months to acquire ISI Marking Certification.

How to identify fake ISI Marking?

As with everything in the world, there are also ISI marking copycats that were not authorized by BIS.

  • Fakes do not have 7 digits (CM/L-xxxxxxx)
  • Even sometimes IS number at the top of the ISI mark is missing
  • Sometimes try to trick you by putting a small ISI mark

Therefore it is necessary to check the ISI mark before the purchase of the product.

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