ISO 22000 Certification Training FSMS

ISO 22000 Certification Training- Food Safety Management System

Achieve ISO 22000 Certification training to adopt the basic knowledge to implement ISO 22000 Certification in Maldives.

What do you mean by ISO 22000 Certification?

ISO 22000 is a globally accepted international standard. ISO 22000 specifies the requirements for Food Safety Management System and applies to all organizations related to the food supply chain. The main motive of this ISO 22000 Standard is to ensure food safety. This food safety management system outlines a framework that harmonizes all parts of the food supply chain. The implementation of ISO 22000 Certification helps you reduce food hazards, control the risks and prevent contamination which harmonizes all parts of the food supply chain.

Why Food Safety Management System important for you?

Food Safety Management has become the standard certification in the food line globally. If your businesses choose to ignore it, you need to face the consequences. By obtaining an ISO 22000 certification, you will prove your commitment to food safety.

By obtaining an ISO 22000 Certification, you will prove your adherence to respective food safety regulations towards the customers and stakeholders. Moreover, you will gain a worldwide recognized certification where you will learn all the processes and policies needed to mitigate risks related to food safety. This also helps to enhance accountability and transparency by improving your brand’s reputation and leading to potential increases in business volume.

Benefits of ISO 22000 Certification Food Safety Management System

By becoming ISO 22000 certified you will be benefited too:-

  • Increase the profits
  • Control and eliminate food safety risks
  • Continually improve the processes needed to provide safe food
  • Built customer’s confidence in your ability to control any food safety hazards
  • Ensure sustainable food safety
  • Promote international trade
Reasons to Implement ISO 22000 Certification
  • Increased rate in % of Certification from 2014 to 2015 due to awareness
  • People fall ill from contamination i.e. 1 out of 10 people.
  • More people are dying due to food-borne diseases.
  • Millions are wasted in the treatment of diseases caused due to food.

Why do you need ISO 22000 Certification training?

With the increase in demand for safe food products being ISO 22000 certified is becoming a must for every organization. By obtaining your ISO 22000 certification, you will prove that you value your customers’ safety and provide the requirements to build safe food products. Gaining ISO 22000 Certification leads to acquiring customer confidence in your products.

This ISO 22000 certification training helps to implement smooth conduct of the process to manufacture hazard-free products. Acquiring training in food safety helps you to understand the basic concepts of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). It will also help to understand the importance of a Food Safety Management System and the benefits that businesses, society, and governments can obtain.

Who should attend ISO 22000 Certification Training?

Every employee of the organization needs to attend the training program to gain knowledge about the main processes of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). The implementation of ISO 22000 standards also helps to learn the objectives concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques used in Food Safety Management System.

By participating in this training you will be able to also understand the different aspects of an FSMS based on ISO 22000, including the top management commitment, food safety policy, work environment, operational controls, PRPs, traceability, hazard controls, performance evaluations, and continual improvement.

ISO 22000 Certification training course can also be attended by:
  • Managers or consultants involved in FSMS.
  • Individuals wishing to get acquainted with the ISO 22000 requirements.
  • Personnel is responsible for maintaining conformity to the ISO 22000 requirements.
  • Individuals wishing to pursue a career Food Safety Management System.
  • FSMS implementation team auditors.
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