ISO 22000 Documentation

ISO 22000 Documentation

Allow the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System within your organization by completing the ISO 22000 Documentation in Maldives.

Overview of ISO 22000:2018 Standard

ISO 22000 FSMS is a worldwide standard for food safety management systems. It is meant to help organizations detect and manage problems with food safety and make sure that food is safe for consumption by people.

The standard provides a framework for companies to develop, implement, and maintain food safety programs and outlines the requirements for a successful food safety management system.

The adoption of ISO 22000 Standard can help businesses in Maldives. They will create effective and trustworthy food safety management systems to protect their customers and guarantee the quality and safety of their goods.

Additionally, it can help companies expand into new areas and become more effective. It might also help them win the confidence and trust of customers.

What is ISO 22000 Documentation?

The standards in the ISO 22000 Documentation outline the requirements for a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). It outlines the requirements for a food safety program, including the use of protocols and practices to ensure the safe production, storage, and delivery of food products.

Guidelines for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management and communication among all parties involved in the food chain, from producers to consumers, are outlined in the ISO 22000 Documentation.

The greatest choice is to work with the people from Ascent MALDIVES if a company needs third-party authorization. They are in charge of finishing the ISO 22000 Documentation. People from a variety of fields, including engineering, production, and quality control, should be on the team.

We employ qualified experts with knowledge of food safety management principles and an understanding of the requirements for food safety systems.

Here is the list of records required in ISO 22000 Documentation:

  • Documentation of the food safety management system
  • Plans for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • Contracts with suppliers and customers
  • Cleansing and sanitation procedures
  • Plans for allergen control
  • Documents of Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Records of employee training
  • Equipment and facility maintenance documentation
  • Recall strategies
  • Internal audit reports
  • Complaints about food safety records
  • Documents about food safety management system evaluations and upgrades
  • Risk evaluations
  • Plans for emergency preparation
  • Data on food safety performance
  • Documents of quality assurance
  • Supplier approval processes must be documented.
  • Documentation of third-party auditors’ food safety audits

Procedures for the ISO 22000 Documentation

  • Food Safety Policy: The Food Safety Policy is a high-level document that outlines the organization’s commitment to food safety. It establishes the overall goals and objectives for the FSMS and sets the direction for the organization’s food safety efforts.
  • Food Safety Manual: The Food Safety Manual provides an overview of the organization’s FSMS. It describes the scope of the system, key processes, and their interactions. The manual outlines the organization’s approach to meeting ISO 22000 requirements and serves as a reference for employees and stakeholders.
  • Procedures and Work Instructions: Procedures and work instructions describe the step-by-step processes and activities necessary to ensure food safety. These documents cover various aspects of the FSMS, including hazard analysis, operational controls, monitoring, verification, and corrective actions. They provide clear instructions to employees on how to carry out specific tasks related to food safety.
  • Food Safety Plan: The Food Safety Plan is a critical document that details the organization’s approach to hazard analysis, risk assessment, and risk control. It includes information on the identification of hazards, determination of critical control points (CCPs), establishment of critical limits, monitoring procedures, and corrective actions. The plan ensures that potential hazards are identified, controlled, and monitored at critical stages of the food production process.
  • Prerequisite Programs (PRPs): PRPs are fundamental food safety programs that support the FSMS. These programs address general hygiene practices, sanitation, training, pest control, and other basic food safety requirements. Documentation for PRPs typically includes standard operating procedures (SOPs), checklists, records, and logs
  • Record-keeping Forms and Templates: ISO 22000 requires the maintenance of various records to demonstrate compliance with the FSMS. These records may include monitoring records, verification records, training records, internal audit reports, corrective action forms, and supplier approval documentation. Standardized forms and templates should be used to ensure consistency and accuracy in record-keeping.
  • Management Review Reports: Management review reports capture the outcomes of regular management reviews of the FSMS. These reports provide a summary of performance against objectives, results of internal audits, customer feedback, and any actions taken to address non-conformities or improve the system. They serve as a basis for decision-making and continual improvement.
  • Communication and Documentation Control Procedures: ISO 22000 requires effective communication and documentation control within the organization. Procedures should be in place to ensure that relevant information regarding food safety is communicated to employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Additionally, controls should be established to manage the creation, approval, distribution, and revision of FSMS documentation.

Strength of Ascent MALDIVES

  • Ascent Maldives offers comprehensive ISO 22000 Certification training to employees at all levels, ensuring their understanding and proficiency in implementing ISO 22000 Certification.
  • Ascent MALDIVES guides you on the road map to ISO 22000 Documentation and steps to implement by our experienced and qualified team for all businesses.
  • Ascent MALDIVES has been in the business of ISO Certifications and Product Marking for the past 10+ years. We have achieved the highest level of security and customer satisfaction.
  • Experts of Ascent MALDIVES provide 24X7 active service to help you with anything, anytime, and anywhere in the world.
  • Services of Ascent MALDIVES can be provided as evidence and help you with the closure of non-conformities and offer you the best help to improve the efficiency of your business.
  • With Ascent MALDIVES, achieving an ISO 22000 Certificate is a simple step for a business, industry, or organization.

Apart from that, we deliver the following Unique Selling Points:

  • Better international exposure.
  • Skillful experts to handle the ISO 22000 Documentation.
  • Top-class and strict ISO 22000 Audit (Internal & External Audit including Gap Analysis).
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  • Follow the ISO 22000 Compliance properly.
  • Gain technical and advanced-level approaches from qualified professionals.
  • Certification is guaranteed.
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