ISO 22525 Certification

ISO 22525 Certification: Medical tourism

ISO 22525 Certification ensures your medical tourism services comply with global healthcare standards, Attract international patients with confidence.

What Is ISO 22525 Certification?

ISO 22525 Certification is an international standard. The purpose of this globally famous standard is to deliver a framework for ensuring the Medical Tourism Management System. While complying with the standards, an organization can provide perfective services, and processes to meet the highest quality output.

The certification is founded on a collection of standards outlining the requirements for quality management systems in medical services. The purpose is to set various quality assurance systems to improvise the medical services at certain healthcare facilities.

When the organizations in Maldives follow the prescribed framework, they deliver quality services to their international patients. In short, ISO 22525 Certification is a must-have option to assure the medical safety of your international tourists.

Benefits of ISO 22525 Certification

Owing to its breathtaking, spectacular, and impressive geography that attracts Tourists and offers great relaxing platform, Maldives has focused highly on Medical Tourism. The nation offers a comforting platform that can accelerate healing, while providing medical support including handling emergencies, to aspiring patients. This has also brought enormous ethical business opportunities to the medical institutions. Hence, all organizations in this country that run a hospital or a clinic should understand the importance of ISO 22525 Certification properly.

Here is the list that explains the key benefits of complying with the ISO 22525:2020 Standards:

  1. Improve Care Quality

Medical tourism standards are an important factor. Each element of the standard assures that the conforming hospitals and other medical institutions in Maldives will provide medical facilities provide high-quality care for patient-tourists. This also assures that the type of quality tourism care at medical centers are kept up to date. The standard improvises the management of the latest facilitator and healthcare service providers procedures and assures on appointment of competent personnel.

  1. Enhance Patient Safety

Conformity to ISO 22525 standard reduces the likelihood of disasters, loss, theft and other similar concerns. This ensures every tourist and makes them feel safer and more confident in their care. As per clause numbers 6.7 and 6.8 of the standards, the organizations are required to demonstrate their capabilities in terms f safety & security and effective hygiene in terms of Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and maintenance.

  1. Quality Medical Facilities at A Minimal Cost

Being a highly competitive environment, the service providing organizations are in a constant drive to keep the costs at low and the quality and deliverables at high. Additionally, the organizations demonstrate their capabilities in other services including visa assistance, concierge including language translation, transportation, accommodation etc. Thus, the Medical Tourists and their families can save money by subscribing to services from an ISO 22525 certified organization. The insurance companies are in constant endeavor to tie-up with ISO 22525 certified organizations, and this offers a great deal of attraction to the medical tourists.

  1. Improve Healthcare’s Reputation

Conformity to ISO 22525 standard and certification offers a unique advantage in terms of reputation and fame. Currently, very few organizations have undertaken a drive to demonstrate conformity. Through its management system requirements w.r.t. Medical tourist satisfaction monitoring and action plan as per the clause # 4.4 of the standard also ensures that the organization keeps up on its customer satisfaction index, that helps in quicker publicity of their services.

What are the key features of ISO 22525 Certification in Maldives?

Considering various benefits, the organizations in Maldives that achieve ISO 22525 Certification are considered to have demonstrated their capabilities in terms of extending the following features to Medical Tourists:

  • Higher competitive advantage, including optimized cost.
  • Competent, behaviorally & ethically reinforced staff members
  • Increase in assurance in terms of safety, security, and hygiene
  • Improvement in interactive and satisfactory services
  • Higher treatment assurance
  • Value-added services in the management of visa, transport, language translation food, and accommodation
  • Assured nutrition and medical services
  • Robust port-treatment follow-up and advisory
  • Clarity in information related to providers, procedures, and treatments

Requirements of ISO 22525 Certification

  1. General Requirements

An organization that conforms to the Medical Tourism International Standard demonstrates its capabilities to deliver effective services in visa, and concierge including transportation, accommodation, language translation, and other services. It also requires the organizations to demonstrate an effective medical tourists satisfaction monitoring system and plan.

  1. Requirements for Facilitators

The organizations demonstrate an effective management system in communicating and dealing with comprehensive services in pre-travel, pre-treatment, treatment, post-treatment, and follow-up services. This offers a general assurance to the Medical Tourism subscribers on the service qualities.

  1. Requirements for Healthcare Providers

The organizations are required to demonstrate an effective management system in operating a business that includes:

  • Information management system about the provider and the treatment methodology
  • Staff planning, coordination, competence management, and development.
  • Medical service provision includes the admission process, medical tourist history, informed consent, rooms, discharge, and medical tourist follow-up.
  • Nutrition
  • Safety & Security includes food safety, Pest control and disinfection, Security measures and medical tourist properties, Fire risk assessment and protection, Emergency and evacuation plan, and others.
  • Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and maintenance that includes cleaning, disinfection and sterilization and maintenance
  1. Rights and Duties of Medical Tourists

Annex A of the standard also requires the organizations to develop general communication and management systems that makes the Medical Tourists aware of their rights and duties. This helps bring higher degrees of clarities in mutual business.

  1. Minimum competency requirements and recommendations for facilitators

Annex B of the standard also helps organizations to frame their guidelines through a well-structured set of criteria.


Why do facilitators require ISO 22525 Certification?

To bring better results while delivering various medical facilities, a facilitator should follow the basic guidelines of ISO 22525 Certification. The level of tourist satisfaction can be met with this standard.

ISO 22525 Certification process

Strength of Ascent MALDIVES

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Apart from that, we deliver the following Unique Selling Points:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a tourism professional obtain ISO 22525 Certification?

In order to obtain ISO 22525 Certification, it is crucial for tourism professionals or organizations to comprehend the standard’s requirements and incorporate them effectively into their management system. This will ensure that their system conforms to the necessary regulations and can be managed consistently. Nevertheless, to successfully complete the certification process, it is advisable to seek assistance from a trustworthy source. Ascent MALDIVES provides reliable support and guarantees results at a reasonable cost.

Is ISO 22525 Certification necessary?

ISO 22525 Certification is a voluntary process for an organization in Maldives. However, the introduction of great and improved medical facilities for tourists can only be achievable by complying with the ISO 22525 Standards.

What is the ISO 22525 Certification Cost in the Maldives?

The Certification cost of ISO 22525 depends on different factors like size, type, and variety of facilities offered by the organization for its tourists. However, the organizations can get a customizable plan as per the requirements by writing to

What is the aim of ISO 22525 Certification?

This certification is intended to assure that the organizations demonstrate an effective management system in terms of providing quality, dependability, and up-to-the-mark medical services. Overall, the basic intent to provide a psychologically harmonic and trustable healing is assured.

What is the validity of ISO 22525 Certification?

The Certification will last for 3 years from the date of its issue. However, the organization should follow the surveillance processes within these periods.

Who should conform to the requirements of ISO 22525?

All Facilitators and Medical Institutions providing services to Medical Tourists, should conform to ISO 22525 and strive to acquire certification in the standard

When was ISO 22525 published?

ISO 22525 was published on 15th December 2020 and was published as version ISO 22525:2020.

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