ISO 24803 Certification in Maldives and Male

ISO 24803 Certification – Recreational diving services

ISO 24803 Certification is essential for leisure sports like diving, where training and expertise are vital to participant safety.

What is ISO 24803 Certification?

Standardization to ISO 24803 Certification is essential for leisure activities like diving, where training and knowledge are essential for participants to be able to do the activity safely. The hazards to the participants and the natural and cultural resources of the dive sites can be easily reduced to acceptable levels by the adoption of suitable safeguards, despite the potential dangers of recreational diving using ISO 24803 Certification. Additionally, by properly educating and preparing scuba instructors, dive masters, and divers, damages to the marine environment, particularly those that harm delicate marine ecosystems like coral reefs, can be minimized.

A service provider may provide courses leading to one or more of the diver or instructor credentials specified in the applicable ISO standard 24803, guided dives, the rental of diving gear, snorkeling trips, and diver training and education. The requirements for each of these services are laid out separately. As a result, even if a client may receive two services concurrently (for instance, diver training and equipment rental), the client is still thought to be receiving two separate services.

Only level 2 scuba instructors who have the necessary additional ISO 24803 certifications may lead training sessions that involve more difficult operational requirements, such as diving at night, diving with nitrox, diving in low visibility, diving deep, diving for wrecks, diving in dry suits, drift diving, diving in ice diving, and diving in caves.

Dive leaders following ISO 24801-3 may be used by service providers to better manage client behavior and increase safety, but not to evaluate client abilities or impart knowledge to them.

A land-based diving shop, a boat-based enterprise, a dive club, a private teacher, a watersports facility, or a company offering snorkeling tours are a few examples of service providers.

Benefits of ISO 24803 Certification

  1. Good practice advice for snorkelers and dives
  2. Training/qualification, experience, and medical screening required as per ISO 24803 standard
  3. The service provider must have documentation proving that each employee is qualified for their position following current standards.
  4. Proper instruction on a particular activity or the surrounding environment
  5. Correct protocol usage
  6. Give participants a safe way to enter and depart the water
  7. Determine whether the location is appropriate for the intended activities
  8. Taking into account any potentially dangerous wildlife or plants
  9. Develop an emergency action plan

Why do you need ISO 24803 Certification?

Before beginning any in-water activity, the service provider must ensure a risk assessment is completed. They must also develop processes to guarantee that all risks are managed as effectively as is practical. To prevent any mishap ISO 24803 Certification is the key. When making this assessment, the following elements must be taken into account while taking participant skill levels and equipment accessibility into account:

water movement (such as currents and wave action); depth; visibility underwater; temperature; pollution; and entry/exit ways.

Requirements of ISO 24803 Certification

  1. Safety vessel briefing and provisions
  2. Establishment of required vessels, diving equipment
  3. Emergency equipment and procedures
  4. Proper documentation and climatic considerations
  5. The service provider shall guarantee that the number of students in the class
  6. The level of expertise of each buddy team or group of divers is sufficient to permit the safe conduct of all diving activities.

Which Organization needs ISO 24803 Certification?

This standard 24803 outlines the specifications for companies that offer recreational scuba diving and snorkeling activities.

It outlines the following service areas: introductory diving activities, snorkeling outings, training and instruction, organised and accompanied diving for certified divers, and equipment rental for both diving and snorkeling. Freediving, often known as “apnea diving,” is not covered by ISO 24803 Certification.

ISO 24803 Certification process in Maldives

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is obtaining ISO 24803 Certification mandatory?

Organizations should view it as a moral duty and responsibility to improve scuba diving services, even though it is not a necessary or legal necessity. Through more effective resource usage and equipment to provide a better experience to the customers.

How much does it cost to be ISO 24803 Certified?

The cost of ISO 24803 implementation and certification generally depends on the approach the organization is taking and the factors including as type of equipment used and as well as organization size and scope of services you offer. Also, the costs depend upon the size of the Organization, Complexity of Processes, Number of business units, and the number of personnel working.

How long is the ISO 24803 certificate valid?

The cycle of the ISO 24803 certificate is 3 years from the date of certificate issue, subject to the successful conduct of periodic (generally annual) surveillance audits and/or before completion of the 1st & 2nd year respectively. 

What type of training is provided during ISO 24803 Certification?

When theory instruction is given on the service provider’s premises, it must take place in a setting that is free from significant distractions to learning, like a designated classroom. To ensure that clients can understand the information being provided, this shall provide clients with suitable working facilities and training aids (e.g., writing surfaces, reference materials, computers, visual or audio materials).

Training grounds in open water

The service provider must use training facilities for open water training that are suitable for the student’s knowledge and background as well as the planned training activity. The service provider may pick locations with unique environmental factors required to develop experience.

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