ISO 29993 Certification: Learning Services Outside Formal Education and Training –Basic Requirements for Service Providers

Provide more than expectations to your customers by gaining ISO 29993 Certification in Maldives for your organization.

What is ISO 29993 Certification?

A globalized and highly fast-changing competence-based economy requires learners to continue acquiring new skills beyond formal education to address the growing market need for skilled individuals in a particular sector. While there are many competing learning services in the market to satisfy your requirement, to acquire knowledge in a particular sector of your choice. Private providers of these learning services help the customers to choose from a wide range of options available. ISO 29993 is intended to provide such private providers to expand their international presence and providing learning services to learners beyond their national borders. 

ISO 29993 is a standard to provide a basic model for quality professional practice and performance. This standard is used to explain non-formal education training for all communities and every age group, no matter they belong to which country or state. The key feature of this standard is to improve the learning services as part of a non-formal education system which can be a useful tool for reflection and self-evaluation.

 Every organization nowadays follows certified documentation for development resulting in effective and improved quality of services is the first preference in every customer. An organization certified to ISO 29993 Certification helps the provider to provide the services to improve the quality concerning effective learning procedure.ISO 29993 standard is the first standard developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 232 for the development of non-formal training. Thus these ISO 29993 standards are further used for implementing the best quality management system in non-formal learning services for the users and the learners.

Benefits of ISO 29993 Certification

  1. More transparent learning services
  2. Demonstrate commitment to quality of the services
  3. Provide a learning model to improve learning processes
  4. Improving the effectiveness, efficiency of the services
  5. Enhance Credibility
  6. Satisfy Customer demands
  7. Gain competitive edge
  8. Demonstrate reliability of services
  9. Improve brand image
  10. Gain monetary and social benefits

Why you need ISO 29993 Certification?

Achieving ISO 29993 Certification for the organization helps to streamline their processes of providing services. This standard also helps to find alternative approaches to enhance infrastructure, provide innovation in the services, and support public requirements and demands by following government regulation policy.

Requirements of ISO 29993 Certification

ISO 29993 Certification helps the organization to perform their service requirements to comply with the standard compliance.

  • Develop standardized questionnaire
  • Formal pre-check of the learning service maintain documentation of the services
  • Maintain adequate infrastructure and resources
  • Conduct internal Audit

Which Organization needs ISO 29993 Certification?

Organizations providing in-house training, vocational training, company training, or any kind of learning programs that are not provided formally can achieve ISO 29993 Certification. This certification applies to all service providers irrespective of their size and nature of the services (non-formal education/training). This standard is not aimed at schools, colleges, and universities providing learning services.

ISO 29993 Certification process in Maldives and Male

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is non-formal education?

Non-formal education refers to education that occurs outside the formal education from school, colleges, and universities. It includes sports or fitness programs, extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, and acting, etc.

Is ISO 29993 Certification mandatory?

ISO 29993 is a voluntary standard. Though, implementing ISO 29990 endeavors quality of non-formal education and develop the scope in LSPs (Learning service providers).

What is the validity of the ISO 29993 Certificate?

The cycle of the certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of certification, subject to the successful conduct of surveillance audits before completion of the 1st & 2nd year respectively.  

What is the cost of ISO 29993 Certification in the Maldives?

Costing of the ISO 29993 Certificate includes two types of costing

1.Consultancy Costing

2.Certification Costing

Depending upon the size of your organization.

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