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ISO Consultancy

The most ideal approach to drive your ISO Certification project…… globally | ISO Consultancy in Maldives

Ascent MALDIVES gives an extensive set-up of counselling, training, execution of management standard requirements, internal auditing and guidance towards certification audits services prompting certification to various ISO standards, across the world.

Our ISO standards’ consultants and Solutions Architects offer streamlined and customised types of assistance that puts us wayahead of competitors in adopting the methodology and commitment undertaking that results in enhanced upper level or working. Our ISO consultancy and managing the implementation services are undoubtedly the best on the planet and we have reliably been positioned as one of the topmost ISO consultancy organizations by various State Governments/Ministry of Industries /Ministry of Trade and Commerce across the world including India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, African countries, in addition to, in the Maldives.

We work with all the majorand accreditated ISO Certification Bodies across the world to empower you to get certified from the certified body you like.

Our consultancy services for ISO standards’ Certifications cover ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, ISO 45001 Certification, HACCP Certification, ISO 22000 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification, ISO 20000-1 Certification, ISO 13485 Certification, CE Marking Certification, Organic Certification, ISO 17020 Certification, ISO 17025 Certification, Integrated ISO standards’ Certification to give some examples of the well known ISO standards and guidelines for which we offer types of assistance using our unique methodology of PDCA and Continual Improvement acts.

Irrespective of whether your requirement is at the beginning of the ISO Certification execution or you have covered a part of it, or you are moving towards certification audit review or if your framework is developed, our ISO consultancy services can be moulded/customised in such a way that your organization can definitely reap in the benefits of an increase in the value of the general viability of your ISO standards’ Certification and management and henceforth assist the implementation with an understanding of the objectives in a competitive world and to have sustainable growth.

We give ISO Consultancy services for various standards in Maldives, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi, Oman, Sri Lanka, African countries, and some other countries.

Please reach us at Email id to get your ISO accreditation and/or ISO Consulting / Certification program specifically made for your organization.

Our ISO Consultancy activities cover conducting a GAP Assessment including a whole examination of your existing management system, Documentation (development of Manuals, Procedures, ork Instructions, Forms/Formats/Records), guidance during Implementation and fulfilment of requirements, internal audit and review, pre-evaluation management review, including selection and liaison for the determination of the accreditated ISO certification body, and thereby guaranteeing the fruitful achievement of the ISO Certification.

When your organization has achieved the ISO Certified status, we shall hence, ensure that you keep getting relevant benefits through our post-certification ISO consultancy administration, during the validity of the ISO certificate- to consistently improve the adequacy of the framework in the management and keep up the uniformity and improvement level needed for the compliance of the standard. We provide internal audit and documentation and other reviews and surveillance/recertification audits guidance for the surveillance years without any hassles. We have given our ISO Certification consultancy services to a large number of organizations across the world in an effective and efficient way that suits the pockets too; including bringing about a 100% achievement rate for everyone connected to the organization.

With Ascent MALDIVES, you get customised and accurate guidelines in administering and managing the requirements that appropriately helps and guides your organization to reach its actual potential by improving the various processes including the manufacturing cycles and procedure.

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