ISO Documentation in Maldives

ISO Documentation

Archive accurate ISO Documentation in the Maldives to help you to be iso certified

ISO Documentation

The ISO documentation needed for ISO Certification is the documental information and data and due diligence which are needed to demonstrate as evidence, the accomplishment of the requirements for a particular ISO standard implementation.

Documented information helps an organization in communicating data and as evidence of processes being carried out as planned/required and/or that it has been completed. It helps the organizations to study the planning, and the achievements/completion, including the effects of the job. It might also serve as a requisite channel for knowledge sharing amongst processes and personnel. The type and extent of documentation depending on the organization’s nature, products, processes, complexity, and understanding & knowledge of personnel. It also depends on the extent of communication required within processes and personnel and externally to the interested parties, and the general work culture. Examples of types and formats of documents include paper (hard copies), magnetic forms, electronic media, audio/video, optical computer disc, photographs, master samples, etc.

Since there are so many ISO standards based on industry requirements you can select the particular standard suitable for your organization. ISO documentation depends on the necessity of particular standards as The prerequisite differs from one standard to another. Examples of famous ISO standards are ISO 9001 Standard, ISO 14001 standard, ISO 13485 standard, ISO 22000 standard, ISO 27001 standard, and so on. The ISO documentation required by an organization can be categorized as follows depending upon the nature of the organization:

  • Quality
  • Safety and Security
  • General management
  • Health and Medical
  • Environment and Energy
  • Data Technology

Overall what are the necessities of ISO Certification?

We can’t show up at the specific number and kind of documentation required for a particular organization as it directly depended on the scope of the organization. Usually, it differs from one organization to another validating upon the extent of administrations and management, conditions, and their special concern and necessity, and so on. The extent of documented information differs as per:

  • Organization’s size
  • Activities performed by the organization
  • Processes are undertaken by the Organisation
  • Products and services offered by the organization
  • The complexity of  processes undertaken

Competence of persons involved. Generally, these are the following types of documentation which are expected of any organization:

  • Manual
  • Procedures, SOPs, Process Flow diagrams
  • Operational Controls, Work Instructions
  • Forms, Formats, Records

Objectives of documented information?

  • Serves to detail the process, system or the activity
  • Serves to train new personnel
  • Serves as a tool for information communication, transfer, and sharing
  • Evidence regarding work undertaken and completed
  • Knowledge within the organization
  • Used for technical specification
  • Useful when it comes to product design and development
  • Serves as regulatory, statutory and mandatory requirements
  • Serve as evidence
  • Other Management level requirements

Generic Examples of Documentation required for an ISO standard:

Maintaining the correct type, nature, level, and complexity of documentation is dependent upon the Organization, its Processes, and regulatory/statutory requirements.

The various documentation requirements for any organization that is implementing an ISO standard may be:

  • Management System Manual
  • Management System Procedures:
    • Core Procedures eg. Marketing, Sales, Purchase, Production, Design / Development, QA/QC, Dispatch, Logistics, Maintenance, Non-Conformity, Customer Complaint/Appeals, Operational Controls, etc.
    • Support Procedures eg. Risk / Opportunity Assessment, Human Resources, Admin, Work Environment, Document Control Records Control, Change Management, Corrective Action/Preventive Action, Accident/Incident Handling, Emergency Preparedness, etc.
    • Management Procedures- Resource Management, Infrastructural Management, Accountability Management, Continual Improvement, etc.
  • Work Instructions:
    • Eg. Maintaining a specific Machine, Particular Equipment Calibration, Safe Practices, etc.
  • Forms/Formats/Templates/Records
    • Risk Assessment, Customer Feedback, Interested Parties’ Matrix, Supplier Assessment, Customer Complaint, Accident/Incident review, Reports, Competency Matrix, Responsibility Chart, and Authority Matrix, etc.

These documents help the organization to implement ISO Certification with ease. Ascent MALDIVES provides an arrangement of the stated above documentation to cope with your Certification needs to acquire a particular ISO standard.

We provide our services and documentations to various standards like ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, ISO 45001 Certification, HACCP Certification, ISO 22000 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification, ISI Marking Certification, ISO 13485 Certification, CE Certification, GMP Certification, ISO 17025 Certification ISO Certification in Maldives and so on.

Ascent MALDIVES provides ISO Certification documents in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi, Oman, Africa Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

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