ISO Implementation with Internal Audit in Maldives

ISO Implementation with Internal Audit

ISO Implementation with Internal Audit

ISO standard Implementation arrangements from Ascent MALDIVES has been known to be the best as far as management system guidelines, training, certification approach are concerned. The services adopted by our professionals are more oriented, measurable, timely reviewed, effectiveness and reliable of the implementation. The approach also aims towards customer satisfaction and helps to meet the expectation of clients and other stakeholders. Ascent MALDIVES thrives, based on customer expectations and guidelines to continually improve industry best practices for the development of the organizational management and shares its acquired knowledge and experience at a global level, to all advisory resources of its entities and subsidiaries.

ISO Implementation Services

The most ideal approach to drive your ISO Certification approach with the guidance from Ascent MALDIVES, helps you to follow the ideal path towards Certification.

Ascent MALDIVES provides an extensive approach towards implementing, preparing employees by providing appropriate training, designing processes and compliance of standards in prompting different ISO norms for the organization across the world.

Our ISO experts offer various types of assistance that suits your organization. This makes us unique in our adoption of approach as far as our methodology and complete obligation are concerned to the undertaking that outcomes in practical upper hand for the organization. Preparing for ISO implementation can be overwhelming and stressful depending on factors such as size and complexity of its processes, the current knowledge, and culture related to the standard; i.e., quality, environmental, safety, etc.

We at Ascent MALDIVES work with all the compliance requirements of the standard to facilitate the ISO Implementation process. Despite different organizations require different approaches to implementation, here are some tips that will facilitate the ISO implementation process of any management system:

  • Know your standard requirement
  • Keep everyone informed about the standard requirements and why is it being implemented?
  • Analysis of the organization’s current situation
  • Map your processes to know the relationships between departments and how the processes flow within the organization.
  • Review and evaluate existing training and awareness programs

Our ISO consultancy services provide detailed guidance towards the ISO standard’s Implementation eg for ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification, ISO 45001 Certification HACCP Certification, ISO 22000 Certification, ISO 27001 Certification, ISI Marking Certification, ISO 13485 Certification, ISO 17025 Certification, GMP Certification CE Marking Certification, etc.

We give ISO implementation services in India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi, Oman, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

Do you need to know why your organization requires third-party ISO Certification implementation? The third part assistance helps you to improve your supply chain risk management by auditing your suppliers and contractors from a view to complete standard compliance.

Our ISO certification follows the following process to make the implementation hassle-free:

1. Conduct GAP Analysis

The first step in Gap Analysis is to study the existing procedures and policies being present and carried out within the organization and further, discover the goals the organization needs to achieve with the compliance towards the standard and comparing/assessing it against the particular ISO standard requirements/clauses- to identify the Gaps and the extent of the Gap. Identifying the issues and the problematic areas and trying to find mechanisms to solve them is the first step that needs to accomplish.

2. Identify the ideal future state and Provide training to Employees:

Once you studied the current business structure and policies of an organization you need to focus on obtaining the certificate after accomplishing and compliance with the standard with the future objective to be obtained and build the bridge to fill the current and future state of an organization.

Generally, Gap Analysis is done when the Organization wants to comply with the requirements of a standard. So the Organization’s current state is being compared with the requirements of the standard by providing relevant training to the employees of the organization.

3. Evaluate the solutions

Completing the 2 above initial steps is the most crucial for gap analysis. Identifying the solutions ex. procedures and policies, training and competencies, action plans, setting up of objectives and targets, data analysis, and continual improvement methods- to gain the desired result by following all the rules and regulations of the standard and need to fill the missing gap in the strategy to effectively bridge the gap.

4. Documentation

This stage includes developing all relevant and mandatory documentation eg Manuals, Procedures, and SOPs, Operational Controls, Work Instructions, Forms/records, etc. The documentation stage actually tells what the Process/System should be.

5. Implementation of the plans

Implementation actually means, implementing the documentation- the manual, procedures, work instructions, operational controls, also incorporating the ISO standard clause requirements. Implementation is generally to maintain records and evidences, including analysis and statistical analysis results. After you have detected and charted the possible and best way to bridge the gap, you need to implement the plans and procedures and even still need to convince others as it will affect the working tactics and departments in an organization. So, you need to come up with an impressive strategy and plans to get everyone on the board.

6. Analysis of the implementation

There are many tools to bridge the gap. After the implementation of the plan, you need to analyze the output and result to achieve the desired result. You can choose, visualize, implement, and prepare documentation of each step and changes made in the procedure and policies to comply with the guidelines of the standard to achieve certification.

7. Final Step SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is one of the oldest tactics followed to identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization. It performs quantitatively as well as qualitatively to determine the strength and weaknesses of an organization against the standards’ requirements. This helps in the study of the pros and cons of the implemented procedure and policies and helps you to identify the outcome of an organization. It helps to identify your market value and the position of your business in society.

8. Internal Audit and Corrective Action

The Organization must conduct an Internal Audit before inviting the Certification Body to conduct the Certification Audit. The Internal Audit is generally carried out by Qualified Internal Auditors. The following are maintained during an Internal Audit:

  • Internal Audit Calendar (Annual/3-yearly)
  • Internal Audit Schedule
  • Internal Auditors and their Qualification and experience details
  • Audit Notes
  • Audit Findings report
  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Planning
  • Audit Summary report
  • Implementation of the Corrective Actions
  • Audit Closures and verification of the effectiveness of closures of findings.

The Organizations worldwide generally choose for the services of Ascent MALDIVES to design an Internal Audit methodology/process and conduct the Internal audit as per the specific ISO standard requirements and let them know where they are still lacking and/or deviating. Ascent MALDIVES while doing this Internal Audit have their own Internal Auditors, who are highly qualified, technically experienced, and competent, and are void of the “Conflict of Interest”, if this arises.

Guidance towards Implementation of corrective action helps to comply with the standard requirement and helps to fulfil the standard compliance. It helps to cover up the minor gaps in the system followed by all required documentation. Also, conducting an internal audit helps the organization to make sure all the procedures are under the guidance and ready for External Audit.

With Ascent MALDIVES, you can have peace of mind, because we shall take care of the standard implementation and conduct the Internal Audit as well, within a specific and professional time frame that helps your organization greatly in achieving its goals and objectives, including the standard compliance.

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