ISO Trainings in Maldives

ISO Training 

ISO Training arrangements from Ascent MALDIVES are viewed as the best as far as delivery, reliability, effectiveness, and viability.

Ascent MALDIVES gives trainings in the following ways:

1) Online Virtual medium training


2) On-Site/location training.

We give perhaps the most comprehensive and varied trainings to the management team and other personnel in the field of ISO and other management system standards, guidelines and frameworks.

Scope of ISO Managements System Related Trainings:- 

  • Risk & Opportunity Assessment / Management Trainings
  • ISO Standards’ Awareness Training (4 to 6 hours)
  • ISO standards’ implementation trainings (Within 2 days depending on the size of your organization)
  • ISO Documentation and Records training (1 day)
  • ISO overview / refresher trainings (2 to 4 hours)
  • ISO Standards Internal Auditor Trainings (2 days)
  • Root Cause Analysis Trainings
  • ISO Standards Lead Auditor Trainings (5 days)

The days and hours (other than Internal Auditing training and Lead Auditor training) are estimations that are dependent on nature, size, and how well your organization is prepared to implement ISO Certification. We believe and deliver interactive sessions, which require personnel to discuss and ask queries during the sessions.

We also deliver trainings on the Train-the-Trainer concept. 

Our training programs are planned in a manner to bring the best ability out of the personnel. Our training program is 100% specific to the particular necessities of your association. They are comprehensive yet conveyed in the most straightforward procedure and are loaded with the cooperation that comprises of class introductions, mock reviews, tasks, trailers, assessments, questions, and so on. Exams are conducted on the last for Internal Auditing and Lead Auditing training (generally a 2 to 3 hr format).

All our trainers are qualified and experienced to deliver such training programs both online and onsite. All our trainers are officially Principal / Lead Trainers, by qualification for the particular subject and ISO standard.

Our Audit trainers’ coaches are veterans in particular fields and have taken care of more than 2,000 training programs collectively. Regardless of whether your association is at the beginning period of ISO Certification execution or you are halfway or you are moving toward audit review or your management already developed, our ISO trainings will unquestionably enhance the general awareness of your personnel and workers and assist the administration and management with understanding their objective of sustainable competitive advantage.

These are some of the absolute and mainstream on-location ISO training programs that we direct across the world.

Ascent MALDIVES provides ISO training in Maldives, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi, Oman, Africa, and Sri Lanka. You can always reach us to get your customized ISO training programs created for your workers and employees and upgrade your ISO management system.

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