The ISO 22483 Certification guidelines essentially specify what hotels must have. It was only just released in 2020. Because of the Pandemic-related restrictions, the standard has little momentum. Let’s examine the specifications and overview of the ISO 22483 standard. It is obvious from the title itself that it encompasses service criteria.

Several deviations from the other ISO Standards:

  1. Deviates from the typical high-level structure.
  2. Clauses are focused towards particular areas and tasks inside the hotel.
  3. No specific clauses addressing the management system which are generally evident in other standards.
  4. Special terms, unique conditions, and specific hotel-related criteria.
  5. Each department and service area have documentation providing minute details and service requirements.

The standard ISO 22483 aims to establish quality requirements for the services offered. The requirements are listed as the minimum service standards. The standard covers mainly the areas where the impact on the customer will be evident.

The requirements start from clause 4 till clause 12

The scope clause in clause 1 describes the clauses that are mentioned in the ISO 22483 standard.

Clauses 2 and 3 provide definitions and references to ISO 22483 Certification.

The standard ISO 22483 only and only refers to the service quality portion, making no specific mention of conventional management systems.

Clause 4: Staff Requirements: The competence, training, and awareness sections needed to carry out certain tasks inside an organization are clearly defined, and they cover planning, execution, and monitoring to give the staff the ability to do their jobs.

Clause 5: Service Requirements: The services that must be provided on the property include room reservations, check-in, lodging, food and beverage services, kitchen and culinary services, and other auxiliary services.

Clause 6: Events organization requirements: The requirements in this clause include information on how services will be provided to customers, a periodic review during the event, display, and communication.

Clause 7 Entertainment activities: The requirements primarily address safety regulations, instrument security, infrastructure upkeep, and effective communication.

Clause 8 Safety and Security requirements: This clause stands out because it combines OHS, food safety, personal hygiene, and security requirements. The attention is on the guests, staff, and hotel. Risk management and accident avoidance are covered. There are specific requirements for fire safety, emergency planning, and waste management.

Maintenance Requirement under Clause 9: Whether it is done internally or through a subcontract, the responsibility would be on the organization. The bare minimum requirements are stated, including separate storage and minimal spares.

Clause 10 Cleanliness Requirements: The cleaning procedure must be secure and adhere to manufacturer guidelines. It is also important to take environmental requirements into account. Cleaning techniques, cleaning areas, and cleaning goals were all specified.

Supply Management Clause 11: The documentation requirements for procurement, such as supplier evaluation & re-evaluation, policy and quality standards. A special point is the clarity of tracking and order authorization. It’s noteworthy to notice that the goal of service assurance makes the availability of all goods a key factor once more.

Compilation of guest satisfaction and feedback under clause 12: There will be a very thorough separation of the input’s received from the guests. The form should ask for suggestions, complaints, and comments. By guaranteeing, the service enhancement is defined. Addressing all complaints, monitoring the guest satisfaction index, and internal communication.


The ISO 22483 standard deviates significantly from the accepted structure and is unique. Although extremely particular work-related documents are required, standard system documentation is not required. There are extremely specific requirements for the detailing, which is a crucial component. There are integrated implementation standards. The majority of the requirements stated seem straightforward, but the emphasis on providing excellent guest service in every situation is quite clear. Compliance will undoubtedly lead to an organization meeting the worldwide standard ISO 22483.

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